#2 Ripe, Yellow Bananas

Maybe you’ve heard that there are “good carbs” and there are “bad carbs.” Well, green bananas have a high amount of the good carbs called “Resistant Starch.” They’re good because eating resistant starch feeds the good bacteria (also called probiotics) in the gut, which helps you convert food into energy instead of fat. However, the yellow bananas are turning yellow because this starch is being turned into sugars. This means the fruit is losing its resistant starch, and this could bring problems…

Resistant starch can help improve insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar levels, and reduce appetite (just to name a few). Underripe bananas are high in resistant starch but yellow bananas are not. And this can make a major difference for your body in the morning. Since yellow bananas are both higher in sugar and much lower in resistant starch, they could leave you very hungry earlier than you’d like, leading to more cravings. Avoid eating ripe bananas and reach for the greener ones at the store.

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