#1 – Apples
Just like there are “good” and “bad” carbs, there are also good and bad sugars. Fructose is the not-so-nice sugar. Eating fruits that are high in Fructose in the morning will cause your body to have to work harder to burn the “bad sugars” so it doesn’t turn into fat. Different fruits have different levels of fructose but the fruit that has the highest amount of fructose and should never be eaten for breakfast is: Apples.

Professor Robert Lustig of the University of California suggests that the “Upper Limit” for Fructose, which is the maximum you can have before possibly causing damage to the body, should be 50 grams a day. Just 1 cup of apples has 251 grams of fructose… that’s 5 days worth! This is why you should never eat, or feed to your family, apples for breakfast. Fructose doesn’t’ activate the fat diminishing mode in the body in the way that glucose does. So having apples for breakfast can not only have you climbing more steps per day just to stay the same weight, it also won’t activate the body’s resting fat burning mode like other fruits that are low in fructose and higher in glucose.

Some others fruits to avoid in the morning because of high fructose levels are:
Grapes 235 grams of fructose
Raisins 198 grams
Watermelon 223 grams
Figs 184 grams

To make things worse, apples are also extremely low in protein. Protein is the hunger fighting part of your food that makes you feel full and satisfied. If you don’t have enough protein in the morning it could leave you starving by lunch.

Instead, try dried apricots. 1 cup of dried apricots has over 20X the amount of protein than 1 cup of apples. Dried apricots are also one of fruits lowest in fructose, so you can enjoy them without guilt. Stock up on dried apricots for a morning fruit instead of apples.

So now you know what not to eat for breakfast, but what is the best fruit to eat in the morning to help you lose weight and feel great? Well you know that fruits that are high in fructose and low in protein will wreck your weight loss efforts if you eat them in the morning. But, what are the metabolism boosting, fat burning foods you can eat for breakfast?

The answer? well that all depends on one thing: your “Weight Loss Type.” After all, everyone is unique and what is “healthy” for someone else might be poison for your body.

Your Weight Loss Type is the passcode to your body’s fat burning combination lock.

There are 3 major weight loss types and the best thing to eat, the best time to eat it, and the most effective exercises for you will all depend on your weight loss type. If you do everything right but not for your type, it could still have weight gaining effect on your body. Now, the are a couple good quizzes online that ask you to answer a few questions to know your weight loss type before you can really be confident.

I think you should spend 30 seconds to answer these few questions now so you can learn the best foods to eat for your type. Below is a button that will take you to the best quiz for finding your weight loss type and it’s also free. You’ll be finished in less than a minute. Click now and let’s get started.



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