Zest Up Your Mornings Naturally!

  One early morning trick to keep you going and boost your energy is by drinking warm lemon water in the morning. This is gentler on your body than to ice cold water, which is not the wake up call the body need. Simply squeeze about 1/2 to 1 full lemon (depending on size of the lemon) into an 8

Why You Should Be Mad For Maca!

  According to Chris Kilham, author of Hot Plants, says, “Maca enjoys a very long history of successful medicinal use for menopausal discomfort, infertility, and sexual healing. The question is not whether it works — because we know it works with certainty — but how it works.” If your sex is lacking, maybe you’ll want to consider this superfood. Maca

The Best Beautify Smoothie Recipe

  How you look and feel on the outside is directly related to what you put in your body. Wesley Virgin has discovered a recipe for a smoothie that can beautify your skin, hair and nails! See the recipe below! Ingredients 1⁄2 cup pineapple 1⁄2 cup frozen strawberries 2 cups Swiss chard
1 tbsp. goji berries 1 cup of blueberries 12

3 Tricks to Make Your Coffee Super-Healthy

  Hooray for the coffee drinkers out there! There are some tips and tricks to make your daily dose healthier… 1. Avoid adding any refined sugar or harmful artificial sweeteners. Instead, you can substitute using a very small touch of organic maple syrup or a half packet of natural stevia to just slightly sweeten your coffee 2. Avoid at all

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